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Tap, Zumba and Vintage Jazz

Ideally, you should wear something that you are able to comfortable move in. This may include clothes that are also appropriate for yoga or going to the gym.

We prefer our students to wear non-marking, indoor, and flat soled shoes.

Of course!  We firmly believe that ANYONE can dance!  We have had students of all ages, shapes, sizes, gender identities, and abilities take our dance classes.

We are committed to making our students feel comfortable and safe while they are with us.  If there are any questions we can answer for you, or anything we can do to help you feel welcome in our classes, please let us know!


We prefer our students to wear non-marking, indoor, and flat soled shoes.

We specialize East Coast, Lindy Hop, Charleston, & Blues dancing swing styles.


We recommend looking at Malabar and Brio. In addition, you’re also welcome to text 613-233-3456 Alana for recommendations.

Private Lessons

Our rate for private lessons is $90 +HST per hour. We offer Private Lessons in; Swing (East Coast, Lindy Hop, Charleston, & Blues), Tap, Zumba, Vintage Jazz and wedding dance lessons.

Yes! You can find more information on our “Wedding” page! We recommend between six and nine lessons to create and solidify a nice routine.

You can take a private lesson with Alana or with any one of the teachers at our school!


Yes!  While we try to price our classes to make them as accessible as possible, we understand that it’s not always easy to pay for them all at once.  We are happy to divide the full payment for your class into two or three installments!

We have done this for many students- so don’t worry about being the only one!  Just contact us if you need to make use of this option.