Kofi Arthiabahadmin

Lindy Hop & Vintage Jazz

Kofi loves to move…and if it is to music, even better!  He also loves Jazz music. As a child, he was a  Breakdancer and grew up tearing up the dance floor in the club scene.  Then, he became instantly hooked on the Lindy Hop and Jazz dance when he found out he could combine his love of jazz music and dance (thanks to Frankie Manning and Norma Miller’s interview on the Ken Burns PBS series “Jazz”).

Kofi travels the world attending the major dance camps to learn, share, compete, and most importantly, social dance.  As he puts it, he “will go to the ends of the earth for a swing out”….For Kofi, the world is one big dance floor.  He can be seen dancing up a storm wherever and whenever the music moves him…and that is usually all the time!

* Photo Credit: Bruno Avard