Sonia Duquetteadmin

Zumba and Fit & Fierce


As a child, typical weekends were spent at the dance studio in my grandma’s basement and eventually, traveling for dance competitions.  I was once featured in a show featuring children and the show ended with a zoom in on my face and me saying, in French: “I want to dance for my whole, entire life”.  Thirty years later, I still want to dance my whole, entire life.  The desire to share the joy and benefits of movement with those around me have brought me to obtain a certificate as a Group Fitness Instructor Specialist (CanFitPro), followed by a dozen more trainings and certificates, always looking to add tools to my leader in movement toolbox.  Our bodies are ever changing and benefit from consistency and variety when it comes to fitness.  Show yourslef a little love by moving your body every day, however you can.  No matter your experience with fitness, it is a perfect time to move with me.  I look forward to sparkling with you!