Broadway Jazz Classes in Ottawa – Available Online!

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Alana Hock

If you’re stuck at home and looking for ways to jazz up your hobbies and home exercise, you’re going to love our virtual Broadway Jazz Classes in Ottawa! Whether you live in Ottawa or anywhere in the world, these jazz classes are available online and they are sure to liven up your day!

Boy, we sure miss the theatre. And we aren’t talking about going to the movies (although we miss those too).

No, we’re talking about live theatre! Whether it’s a musical, a play, ballet, opera, it doesn’t matter! It’s about the art of “putting on a show” and watching passionate people walk onto a stage and express their talent. There is something about the theatre that’s simply magical.

But what happens when you can’t go to the theatre? We can bring the theatre to you! Through our virtual Broadway Jazz Classes, we’ll inspire your creative showmanship, while also helping you to get some fun exercise. Curtains! It’s Zoom time!

Zoom to the Rescue! Virtual Jazz Classes Are Now Online!

At Dance With Alana, we aren’t letting the pandemic get in the way of our love of dance. Rather than close our doors during the shutdown, we’ve embraced technology and holding live classes via Zoom.

Yup, Zoom isn’t just for boring business meetings anymore!

With Zoom, we can bring everything that you usually find in our dance and fitness classes into the comfort and safety of your home. Unlike many fitness “services” where you simply watch and follow along with a pre-recorded video, with our Zoom classes, it’s interactive and live with your instructor.

That live interaction makes all of the difference. You get an “in-person” human experience, including feedback as you go. If you have any questions, you can ask them. Even better, you’re going to be doing the class with other students so you really get that Broadway Jazz ensemble experience, all virtually!

Virtual Broadway Jazz Classes Are So Much Fun!

Are you ready to feel the Broadway Melody? Then join Alana every Wednesday (January 13th to March 31st) from 6:00 PM to 6:45 PM for our Broadway Jazz class! **If you see this post after these dates, be sure to check our schedule for the latest updates.

In this class, Alana will reawaken your theatrical side through dance! And if you’re a beginner dancer, don’t worry; this class is open to everyone. It’s $120 plus HST for the 12 weeks, or you can also drop in whenever you like for $12 a class. **Please check the schedule for the latest updates.

You also have the option to purchase an Unlimited Monthly Classes pass for $110 plus HST. With this, you can attend any class at Dance With Alana whenever you wish!

To attend, you simply need to install Zoom on your device. We’ll send you the link 30 minutes before class starts, and then it’s showtime!

Additional Virtual Dance Classes To Choose From

If Broadway Jazz isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we have many other virtual dance classes available. If you simply want to get back in shape after the long COVID-19 winter, you can try our Fun+Fit+Flow class on Saturdays. Or if you need to feel the music as you work your entire body, you could try Zumba on Tuesdays or Thursdays. All our classes are delivered online through Zoom, so you can enjoy the sense of community, fun, and energy while still being safe!

Browse our online classes here and if you have any questions about how virtual dance classes work, please don’t hesitate to contact us!